Connecting connect amp to Orbi

Can someone explain how I can connect connect amp to Orbi. Currently it is connected to my fios network. Do I need to move my connect amp temporarily near my router and connect via Ethernet and then change the settings on the Sonos amp?

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I'm confused by your question. Do you mean that you have a new SSID that you need to connect to? If you'd set up your Orbi with the same SSID, it would just connect. Unless you're running a "wired/Boost" network.

I think what you need to do is exactly what you've suggested. Temporarily connect any one of your Sonos devices to your router with an ethernet cable. It doesn't have to be the CONNECT:AMP, if you have another Sonos speaker, it just needs to be one of them. Give it around 5 minutes to switch over to the SonosNet mesh network. Note that this is suggested when using another company's mesh system, leaving your Sonos on SonosNet will cut down any complications. Might be a reason to consider getting a BOOST. But in any case, after that 5 minutes, when you open up the app, you should be able to "see" all of your devices, and change the network settings.

Again, I'd recommend leaving it in that setup, and actually removing the SSID and password from your Sonos controller, so it stays on SonosNet.
Ok thank you....Yes, so basically all I have is a Sonos Connect Amp which is hardwired to outdoor speakers in an upstairs room....and then I have the new router in a downstairs room. I currently use my Fios router and everything works fine and now I would like to use the Orbi router to extend the coverage of Sonos in my backyard. So the router and the Connect Amp are not wired together. Also, I don't have any Sono speakers. So the only thing that I could possibly move is the Connect Amp, albeit temporarily obviously bc I need to connect it back to the speaker wire upstairs. Currently when my phone is set to Orbi network on wireless, the Sonos App says "you are on the Orbi wireless network but Sonos isnt'. Go to Settings --> Wi-Fi and change to the network Sono is on."

THen, it says on the next page....Wireless Setup: If you are planning to change the password on your wireless router, please do the following: 1. Temporarily wire one of your speakers to your router with an Ethernet cable. 2. Change the password on your router, 3. Return to Advanced settings and select wireless setup again.

So I am not sure what exactly to do to get my Sonos communicating with Orbi.
Any assistance will be appreciated.

Yup. Either you need to temporarily physically move the CONNECT:AMP, or get a network cable that's long enough to reach, so that you can connect it temporarily. It would be a lot easier if you had another Sonos speaker, like a PLAY:1, but that's moot....and I'm sorry. If you'd set up the Orbi network SSID and password to be the same as your old network's SSID and password, the Sonos wouldn't realize there was any difference, and just connect.

But as you've discovered, the network your phone connects to has to be the same one that the Sonos is connected to. I think in your case, it would be just as easy to unhook the speakers wires, temporarily move the CONNECT:AMP, reset the wifi downstairs, then move it back.

A while back, I ended up getting a 50 foot ethernet cable for a similar issue, but that may not be something you want to do. I ended up using it for something else anyway (at the time), so it ended up being a good purchase for me, and solved the issue of needing to move something.
Ok thanks
So i did try to change the SSID ans PW to the same as mybokd network but what ends up happening when I did this on my phone is that it replicates it. So for example I was using FIOS-D120x and so I put this as the Orbi SSID along with the same PW in the Orbi app instead of the one it came with (eg ORBI29). When I did so I then found that FIOS-D120x appeared twice as a WiFi option on my was the original one from verizon and the second was basically just the Orbi SSID with a difft name so when I use that one I was left with the same problem that I when I open the Sonos app I got the same error message as above. So no, Sonos still did not connect
Ah, you didn't replace the FIOS with the Orbi, you added the Orbi. Yea, that would be a problem.

You'll really need to either buy a super long ethernet cable, or temporarily move that CONNECT:AMP. Or, even better, just pick up a BOOST, and wire that to your router. Then wait a few minutes for the CONNECT:AMP to recognize the new SonosNet, and then you'd be able to see the CONNECT:AMP, and just remove the wifi credentials, and just leave it on SonosNet.
By the way, I'm hoping you set up the Orbi in bridge mode. Having two devices that are serving IP addresses is often the recipe for trouble.
Ok thanks...let me ask this, bc I'm not that familiar with Boost but I want to know my options:

1) If I buy a super long ethernet cable or temp. move the CONNECT:AMP, how do I do that is currently how my Orbi is set up (based on the instruction manual). 1 of the 3 LAN ports on my fios router is connected to the 1 Internet port on Orbi. With that, it has left me with 2 of 3 free LAN ports on fios router free and the 1 Ethernet port on the Orbi router free.

Therefore, if I do connect the CONNECT:AMP to the ORBI router, do I just connect the single CONNECT:AMP ethernet port (I believe it is an ethernet port on the CONNECT:AMP) to the sole remaining port on the ORbi which is an Ethernet port? And after that I should be able to go to settings on Sonos and change the wife network to Orbi, correct? And once I have done that I could then move the CONNECT:AMP back to where it was, disconnected from the router.


2) If I purchase a BOOST, do I just connect that to the Orbi BOOST ----> Ethernet port on Orbi? Or am I connecting BOOST to the Fios router? Assume I would do the former.

And then what happens after I connect BOOST to Orib? Will this enable me to use Sonos on the Orbi network, which I currently am not able to do?

3) Also, what is SonosNet? I don't currently use sonosnet. I currently get onto Sonos by using my Fios wireless network (that is before I purchased Orbi, this is what I have been doing). The reason that I purchased Orbi was to extend the wireless range in my backyard which is where I exclusive use Sonos. I don't listen to Sonos indoors at all.
1) You'd want to connect the cable to whatever device the Sonos should be connected to. If it's the Orbi, then connect it to the Orbi.

2) Yes. This is what I would recommend. BOOST connected to the Orbi. The key is that the Sonos should be connected to the same network SSID that your phone (or whatever device you're using as a controller is) is on, especially in the backyard.

3) SonosNet is a mesh network created by a Sonos device, which is basically parallel to your own network. It removes the traffic from your network, and puts it on its own network. The benefit is that SonosNet is a mesh system, so if you're having wifi dropouts with specifically your Sonos devices, you can drop a new device midway between your BOOST and the failing speaker, and the new device acts as a repeater. Important to note, however, that the SonosNet still relies on your router for IP addresses.
F/u mention that after I connect CONNECT;AMP to Orbi or after I connect BOOST to Orbi, I wait a few mins for CONNECT;AM to recognize the new SonosNet and then I'll be able to see the CONNECT:AMP.....what do you mean exactly by this? Where will I be able to see this? And where and which wifi credentials am I removing exactly?

In the Sonos controller app.

If you add the BOOST by plugging it in to the Orbi port (and power, of course), then it should then start creating the SonosNet network. Takes a couple of minutes for the CONNECT:AMP to recognize that there's a new network that it can connect to, but it should, since the SonosNet network was the original way that the system worked. Once the CONNECT:AMP shows up in the controller app, you then would go in and remove the SSID and password information that you originally put into it (your FIOS credentials, I'm guessing), since you're no longer wanting it to connect to the new Orbi network, but instead connect to the SonosNet network. The system is designed to grab the lowest cost (read: fastest) connection, you really don't want to provide it the opportunity to "flap" between the two networks, as that might introduce some issues. It might never do that, or it may, but removing the SSID/Password makes sure.
By the way, I'm a big fan of the SonosNet network. I used to have a BRIDGE, the original device intended to create one, and I've replaced it with the BOOST, which is the updated version, and it runs my 17 speakers without any issue, or clogging up my own wifi which I use for other things.
Ok, in the Sonos Controller it Under Advanced Settings?
I just checked under advanced settings (and I haven' t yet hooked up the Connect Amp to the Orbi or tried the Boost yet), and I click on Wireless Setup and I get to a page that says the following:

Wireless setup
If you are planning to change the PW on your wireless router, please do the following - 1) temporarily wire one of your speaker to your router with an Ethernet cable (I assume that either connecting my Connect Amp directly to the Orbi or using the Boost as you described above would suffice for this as I cannot conect my speakers to my router) 2) Change the PW on your router, 3) Return to advanced settings and select "wireless setup" again.

Will this page "Wireless setup" not appear anymore once I connect Connect amp to the Orbi and I will be taken to a page that has the FIOS SSID/PW and I would just delete that? And if so, would I see the SonosNet network as you state above.....and what PW do I enter for that?
Yup, that's the area that you'll want to go to to remove your SSID and password, once you hook up the BOOST. That data is currently stored on your CONNECT:AMP, and because the system can't "see" that device, it's blank right now. Once the controller can "see" the CONNECT:AMP, there will be something there that you can then "remove" or "delete".

There's no password for the SonosNet network. There's no where to enter it in, it just gets "seen" automatically by all Sonos devices. I *think* that Android devices can join it, but I'd recommend against that. Perhaps I'm biased as an iOS/Mac user, but I think it's better to have your controller device connected to the Orbi network, and not the SonosNet network. iOS/Mac devices can't see the SonosNet network anyway 🙂
Ok, so let me ask this....if I don't get the BOOST and just temporarily connect the CONNECT AMP to my router, the directions on the SONOS app starting with #2 above say 2) Change the PW on your router, 3) Return to advanced settings and select "wireless setup" again.

So where and how am I exactly changing the PW on my router? Not sure I understand that part of the instruction. Is that the part about removing the SSID and PW in the Sonos App settings?

And then you mention about you think its better to my controller connected to the Orbi network and not the SonoNet are you saying , since I have an iPhone, once I either Connect the ConnectAMP to the router (albeit, temporarily) or Connect the BOOST permanently to the Orbi router, I should go back to the wireless settings on the App and enter in my Orbi SSID and PW? Is that correct? And if I didn't enter the Orbi SSID and PW, it would just connect to the SonosNet automatically? I'm not sure that using SonosNet would solve my problem, would it....that is, would it extend my backyard coverage since with my Fios router I was having some deadspots in the backyard which is what prompted me to buy the Orbi. Anyway, I think I am better off using Orbi since that is what I purchased it extend my backyard coverage.

Also, curious is the whole point of the temporary connection of the CONNECTAMP just to allow me to change the wireless settings on the Sonos App? and then once i change the settings i can just reconnect the CONNECTAMP to my speakers as they are now?

Thanks again,
So, in that case, you're going to be setting up the SSID and password of your Orbi router. You're not changing any data on your router, you're just telling the CONNECT:AMP what wifi it should be looking for.

If you set up the SonosNet network by adding a BOOST to your router with an ethernet cable, then effectively your phone will be talking to the BOOST through your Orbi Network. Essentially, the SonosNet network is transparent to you.

So, if you add a BOOST to your system, you want to go in to the controller and REMOVE the SSID and password from the controller (actually, it's from the Sonos system, the controller is just a remote control to access the Sonos system, which is on the CONNECT:AMP.

I was trying to make it easier for you to connect your CONNECT:AMP to your controller so that you could change your SSID and password. If you purchased the Orbi to extend into your backyard, then yes, I'd recommend (as I have before, in several posts) either physically moving it temporarily so you can wire it with an ethernet cable, or getting a long ethernet cable that you can wire temporarily, so you can make the change, and ignore the suggestion of the BOOST.
Ok, for my purposes, I'd be fine by just doing the temporary connection of the CONNECT:AMP to my Orbi, resetting the wifi to that of my Orbi (SSID/PW) and then I can move the CONNECT:AMP that correct?

Is there any advantage for me or need at all then to purchase the BOOST or not really then?

Was that just a way to avoid having to get a long ethernet cable or moving the CONNECT:AMP temporarily?
Yes. No, no significant advantage, other than the potential of being easier than moving the CONNECT:AMP. Yes, it was.