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  • 19 October 2019
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i have a connect and a play:1

i have just purchased a boost & plugged it into the router

Do I plug the connect into the boost or leave it plugged into the WiFi router?

Or now I have the boost it shouldn’t be connected to the router and only run on WiFi from boost?


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3 replies

Now that you’ve added the BOOST, any other Sonos device can be unplugged from the router.

Or, you can leave them plugged in, it’s entirely up to you.

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The Boost is designed to build a SonosNet network, that connects your Sonos devices to each other and the internet without using your wifi or the devices having to be wired to your router . If your only other Sonos device is a Play:1 the Boost would be superfluous if you would leave the Play:1 connected to the router.

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You can wire the Boost to your router and leave the other Sonos devices unwired.

You can wire the Boost to your router and leave the other Sonos devices unwired or wired in any combination.

You can hook to the expansion ports on your Sonos instead of your router, probably 3 low speed devices with no issues, I think there is a hard limit of something like 7.

I have my Boost wired as well as a couple other Sonos that were easy to hook up, the rest are unwired and all works well. You can look at your Boost setup with the network matrix:

Use your speaker’s IP not mine: