Connecting Beam without HDMI Arc or Optical

  • 18 October 2020
  • 4 replies

Just bought Beam and unable to connect to TV (LG 43LF510V) as the TV only has one HDMI which is being used for cable and does not have an optical outlet. Do I have any options that don’t involve buying a new TV? Thank you 

4 replies

Does the cable box have optical out and is it your only source of content?

If so you could use that optical and the adapter supplied with the Beam. 

Thank you for responding. We also want the Beam to work with Xbox so plugging optical into cable box doesn’t work. To use the Xbox we have to unplug cable box and plug in Xbox. 

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You need an HDMI switcher with optical output. you need that for the Xbox + cable box anyway, right?

Or buy an optical or hdmi switch. Probably an HDMI switch / audio extractor with optical out would do it.