Connecting Apple TV 4K with a Projector via an HDMI cable for video output, and the Sonos Arc with AirPlay2 for audio output

  • 18 October 2020
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Situation: I’m thinking to buy the Sonos Arc. I am thinking to use it in the following structure: Connect my Apple TV 4K to my project BenQ projector via an HDMI cable for video output, and stream the audio via Airplay2 to the Sonos Arc. (Note: My projector does not have an earc, so am hoping the Airplay2 will suffice for audio output)



(1) Will this above set-up work and, if so, will there be any audio lag/discrepancy with the visual?

(2) How big a difference will the sound quality be in using AirPlay2 for audio output rather than HDMI earc. I read that Dolby Atmos only works with the cable through the arc.

2 replies

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Among other problems, AirPlay only supports stereo to the Arc so most of its features are wasted.

Sonos is generally poorly suited to projector usage as most PJs lack suitable outputs (optical or Arc).

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Hi nldavison.

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I would like to ask if you can just shoot me a private message of your desired screen name here in the Sonos community and I can take care of it for you. This is to protect your personal information (Email address) from being displayed as your screen name.

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