Connecting a second Controller app for another family member

  • 10 June 2022
  • 6 replies

I have had Sonos for years and it works brilliantly in three rooms. My wife would like to be able to use it from her Phone. We both use iPhones. I cannot get her phone to find any sonos products on the network.Her Phone does not have any problems connecting to the internet thru wifi. What is the correct way to do this??

6 replies

So you’ve installed the controller app, started it, and told it to connect to an existing system, correct?

It should work, unless the phone is on a different subnet or there’s something getting in the way such as a VPN.

Do you have multiple WiFis (SSIDs)? Is the phone’s ‘WiFi Assist’ turned off?

You are correct in your comments what i’m trying to do. I also created a Sonos account for my wife. Whether I try to logon to my account or her new one the app report a network problem and askes me to check the date and time. There is not a problem with the date and time as both phones are correct and the same. I cannot see a solution at the moment.

wifi assist is turned on

There can only be one Sonos account for a system. Her controller needs to be signed in to your account.

wifi assist is turned on

Turn it off.

now fixed