Connecting a pair of ones and sub (bonded) to play records and TV

  • 12 April 2022
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I have a pair of sonos ones and a 3rd gen sub in my living room, that I used so far for playing streamed music from the sonos s2 app. 


I’d like to be able to play music from record player and stream audio from my TV to that speaker set. Is that possible? what options do I have? 

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3 replies

In order to stream from your TV set, you’d need a Sonos device that connects via ARC or eARC to your TV, the Sonos Beam, the Sonos Arc, or the Sonos Amp.

When you “group” that device with your pair of Sonos Ones, there would be a slight delay between the two “rooms”, with the room connected to the TV set being slightly ahead of all grouped rooms. However, when streaming music to both “rooms”, it would all be in sync.

In order to connect your turntable, you’d need a Sonos device with an analog line in, the Sonos Five, or the Port. With a pre-amped signal, you could then group that device with your pair of One’s (and anything else you have that’s a Sonos device) and get your turntable out of them.

Search these forums for the term “turntable”, there’s quite a few posts about that. 

Thanks Bruce! 


It sounds like Amp can connect both to the TV (via HDMI ARC) and to the turntable (via line in). the question is can the amp stream those inputs into my ones+sub set. BTW - all equipment (TV, turntable, sonos speakers and potentially the Amp) is in living room. so not sure what ‘rooms’ you refer to mean - will the amp+record player+ TV will be considered in a ‘room’ from a sonos definition perspective the the active speakers in another ‘room’ ?

A Sonos ‘room’ is what most people think of as a ‘zone’ in your case, right now, the pair of Sonos Ones are a ‘room’ in the Sonos software. 

If you were to get an Amp, then the Amp ( and the speakers you connect to the Amp) are considered the front of your home theater ‘room’. You then have the choice of adding your Sonos Ones as surround speakers in that same ‘room’ , or keeping them as a separate ‘room’ which you could then ‘group’ with the Amp. 

When you use the Amp to drive a pair of your own speakers as the ‘front’ of your home theater, the pair of those driven speakers will create a phantom center speaker when receiving a Dolby Digital signal. If you ‘bonded’ the Ones as surround speakers, they’d receive the surround signal and play that. If you left them as a separate ‘room’ in the Sonos software, they could be ‘grouped’ with the Amp and play the TV input slightly out of sync, or music in full sync.