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  • 22 November 2020
  • 5 replies

Can I connect a gen 1 sonos connect to a new pair of sonos ones? I'd like to connect a turntable to my speakers and was offered an old connect. Thanks. I use the s1 app currently with the speakers.

5 replies

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Yes. Add a connect and you can share the turntable to any other Sonos speaker. That is the joy of the system. You could listen to what of playing on the turntable in another room and still play another feed, such as Spotify, in the room the connect is in, providing that room has speakers too. 

Great, thank you. So, even though the Sonos one speakers are gen 2 and brand new, they are compatible with an old connect?

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What system are you running S1 or S2?

Speakers are running through s1

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If all the speakers are on the same Sonos Version (in your case S1) then you can share the turntable audio to them.