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  • 25 November 2018
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One question though: Is it not possible to group two fives with an Arc, a sub and two ones? The ones are added to the arc as surround, and the five stereo pair is added to the Room? 
Does that not work? I could have sworn I have seen this demoed at a dealer...

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One question though: Is it not possible to group two fives with an Arc, a sub and two ones? The ones are added to the arc as surround, and the five stereo pair is added to the Room? 
Does that not work? I could have sworn I have seen this demoed at a dealer...

Not unless it’s changed very recently. You can add the 5’s but they won’t sync properly i.e. you can’t use them as front left and right, even if you were happy that they’s also carry the centre 

I would also like to be added to the list requesting this feature.

I’m planning on soon buying a pair of Fives for a space that shares a Beam/Sub combo.

It’s a relief that recent updates allow for easy enough re-grouping, but the ability to save groups/scenes sharing one Sub, allowing instant switching with stored Trueplay settings would be perfect. I’m not thrilled I’ll need to go through the Trueplay steps each time I switch the Sub’s speaker grouping. I won’t be moving any speaker’s location, so this step will feel a bit much.

Thankfully it seems the Fives do not need the Sub like the Beam does, so perhaps grouping the Fives to the Sub each time won’t be necessary. But still something I’d love to see in the future!

Please add me to this list as well. I recently purchased a Sonos Arc Surround sound set and wanted to use the sub with all my play ones grouped throughout my home in living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom when TV is inactive. Once I realized tia can’t be done I became quite dissatisfied. I know this can’t be done with a wired system which is why I switched to sonos! This shouldn’t be so difficult to configure. 

+1 please add me to this.

Similar scenario to many others: open floor plan with 5.1 Sonos home theater setup + separate Play Five turntable setup. Would love it if the sub could be used for both (not at the same time, obviously)

Please add my name for users requesting Sub to be supported for Multiple Zones 

I want to be able to use

Sub + Arc for TV

Sub + AMP with ceiling speakers for Music 


These are all in open plan Living and Kitchen area 

I cannot see me ‘physically’ moving the sub about my home (well not on a frequent basis, at least) so in my case I’ve attached the Sub to my Sonos HT and then I just group that room with the other Sonos Room (which is in the same physical room) whenever I’m playing music. I can live with that group setup and there is no need either, to keep TruePlay tuning the two rooms.

To get the requested setup being mentioned in this thread, it would need a feature that mutes all speakers in my HT setup (except for the sub itself ) I guess, but I’m quite happy to leave them all playing for now. There’s no point having the sub in one physical room and the speakers playing in a separate room, so grouping rooms will do for me.


On a slightly separate, yet maybe related topic, ...I would like to see a ‘balance-slider’ in the EQ of a HT room settings, as sometimes other people can take up the chosen ‘sweet spot’ when visiting our home and it would be ‘nice to have’ that option to adjust the audio left, or right, a little rather than having to retune (TruePlay) the HT room again. I think a balance slider could also provide more customisation to ‘perhaps’ assist when grouping rooms for their combined audio output, as mentioned above, where the grouped-room speakers include a HT setup and are all in the same physical room.  

+1 please add me to this as well - open floor plan and do my music and home theater watching separately but don’t want to buy a sep sub for each set up. Looking to upgrade my Gen 1 Play:5s in this space.

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Please add me too to the list of people requesting this functionality: living room with 2 Play 5 (gen 2), one  Sub (gen 2) l. Planning to buy a Beam that I would love to group to the Sub (and continue group the Sub to the 2 x Play 5)


thank you Sonos!



Please add me to the list too, have two Play:5 (gen 2) in open plan room for music and Arc + 2x One for movies. Have a Sub on the way that I would like to use between the two!

Please add me to the list too, have two One (+ Sub) for music left and right of the tv. I am going to buy a beam for my new tv and i would love to pair the sub to the beam and the stereo pair of One‘s. Re-grouping is not an Option as trueplay is essential in my room.

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Please add me to the list too. Have 2 x play 5’s a sub and beam in the same physical space.



Please add me to the list too.

I have an open space with both a TV and a turntable setup. In terms of the room’s layout it makes no sense to connect the two setups. However the TV’s Arc could easily share a sub with a separate Amp and speakers connected to the turntables.  Two subs is out of the question. If I can’t connect the sub to both setups, there are better and cheaper options.

Please add me to this list.


Beam and two Ones as surrounds with a Sub, and music system in the room next to it, where the Sub is on the shared wall and there are two arches between the rooms, not even a door separating them. Would be so ideal to share the sub seamlessly. 

Please add me as wel. Setup is 2x play one's for music and 2x play1's with beam for movies.


Yes, please add me to the request list.

I have a new ARC for the TV and 2x 5’s for sound and just purchased a Sub.