Connect Roku Ultra remove to control Sonos surround sound

  • 17 September 2017
  • 10 replies

How do I connect a roku remote to my Sonos system to control the surround sound volume from roku remote?

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10 replies

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Hi calie.zach, welcome to the community. Most Roku remotes use Infra-Red (IR) which the PLAYBAR or PLAYBASE can recognise and interpret as a command. The Roku streaming stick does not use IR and so will not be able to control Sonos. If you do have one of the more standard remotes, here's how to configure it with Sonos.
The newer models include a remote that does support IR, including power and volume buttons on the remote. Nobody seems to know how to get this to control the playbar though. I'm going to search for another day or 2, but if I can't control the volume from my roku remote, I'll go with a different brand that does support this.
The newer model Roku remotes do include IR (power and volume). Doesn't sound like anyone has been able to get this to work with the Playbar. I'll probably look for answers for another day or 2, but I'm probably going with a different brand sound bar at this point.
newer roku remotes do support IR. Doesn't sound like anyone has gotten it to work with Sonos though.
To be honest, I'd be looking (as I actually have) for a multi-device remote. I ended up with a Harmony (Logitech) pair, but I have never looked in to see if they work with Roku. But I've been quite pleased with the fact that I now need only one remote for all devices.
I have this setup, a Playbar with a pair of Play1s and a sub with a Roku SS+. The SS+ is in a cabinet, and is controlled via the Roku RF remote. When I went through the Roku setup process, I was able to train the Playbar volume control using the Roku remote volume controls and it works fine.
I just purchased a Roku Ultra (2017) that includes the updated controller with IR and went through the ROKU setup process, but not having any luck pairing the controller to control the Sonos Playbar's volume.