Connect Play 1 Gen 2 without clicking connect button

Is there a way to connect a Play 1 Gen 2 without clicking the connect button on the back? I bought a speaker and a mount from Sonos but the mount is blocking the button on the back. I have not found any other option for connecting. Can the speaker be connected in the same way as e.g. Play 5 Gen 2, i.e. microphone on my phone detects that sound the speaker is making when connecting?


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I can’t recall the precise flow of the different Sonos device setups, which likely vary due to different internal hardware, but if the button press is the only option with the older One (gen1) speaker, then my thoughts were to perhaps consider drilling a small hole in the mount, that will then allow the button-press in the future …and perhaps inform the mount manufacturer to change their design.

I think for some modern Sonos devices, there is an 8 digit pin-code fallback, but even if that were applicable to the One (gen1) here, it would certainly be on the base of the speaker, near the serial/Mac address and so that’s not really going to make a difference in this instance, I guess? 🤔

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@meken I believe you are referring to the Sonos One and the Sonos Five. The Five can be set up without pressing the Join button because of NFC technology. I don’t believe the One is equipped with this feature so you have to press the Join button during the setup process.