Connect More than 1 Sonos device to a router

Is there any advantage to connecting a second sonos device to my router? I have a playbar and subwoofer so I am of the impression that I have to connect my playbar to the router. In addition, I have a connect amp located in my equipment cabinet where my router is located. Can I connect the amp or should I not do this? Does it cause a conflict or a second sonos network?

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There is no current need to connect any Sonos device to the router, that requirement ended a few years back. However, wiring at least one does activate the mesh network, which is far more reliable and is recommended for installs over a few units. Wire the Connect:Amp, since it is closest to the router, no need to wire the Playbar.*

*Note: There is one configuration that requires wiring both the Playbar/Playbase and the Connect:Amp to the router or to each other. If you configured the Connect:Amp as surround speakers via the special web interface, they both need to be wired to make up for the high latency in the 2.4 GHz radio in the Connect:Amp which would make real-time video playback impossible.
Hi. I tried searching but is there somewhere an easy set up guide for connecting more than one Sonos player to a router? I checked and tried the "Replaced your router or changed WiFi settings?" guide.

My current problem:
If I connect my PLAY5 and CONNECT _at the same time_ to a Technicolor 799vac device with ethernet, then for some reason:
- Wifi clients can't connect (won't accept password for some reason)
- the ethernet interfaces won't work and obviously Sonos won't connect (We can't connect to Sonos displayed on the app)

So to me looks like connecting those Sonos devices at the same time confuses the Technicolor for some reason.
If I have just one of the Sonos devices connected with ethernet then everything works again instantaneously.

The Technicolor is connected to a 100 Mpbs WAN line.

I thought it should've worked but am I missing something?

Thanks :)


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