Connect disappeared from app and can't reset

  • 8 September 2019
  • 1 reply

Today I was listening to some vinyl using my Connect and a couple of Play 1s around the house and it suddenly stopped. I have tried resetting the Connect to relink it to my account but for some reason I can never get the green light to show up. It shows a steady white light mostly despite not showing up in the app but every now and then it flashes a white light. When I try to reset it it will flash orange and light before going back to steady white. I have also tried resetting my router with no luck. Any other ideas?

1 reply

While factory resets are not recommended, and certainly not for run-of-the-mill connectivity problems, you've already started down that road.

If you're following the reset procedure to the letter -- and it appears you are if you see orange/white before releasing the button -- and the unit won't reset then it's sick. Your best bet is to call Sonos Support directly.