Connect Amp with TV and Play:1 Speakers

  • 12 January 2019
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Hi - I just got the new Amp and two Play:1 speakers and am trying to configure them so that I can listen to the TV with the Play:1 speakers acting as front L/R stereo speakers. I have set the Play:1's as stereo speakers but had to create a new room separate from the Amp, and when I play the TV audio, have to manually group the room the Amp is in and the room the Play:1 speakers are in and then play the TV audio through the that group. Is there a way that I can add the Play:1's to the same room as the Amp that way I do not have to group the two together each time I want to listen to the TV audio? The only option I see is to add the Play:1 speakers as surround speakers to be placed behind the TV viewing area, and I do not want to do that.

I have connected the Amp to my TV with an HDMI ARC cable, which works well. Is it possible to, while the HDMI ARC is connected to the TV/Amp, play TV audio through the TV speakers and stream music through the Play:1 speakers? I set the TV audio to play through the Amp, and when I manually change it back to play through the TV speakers, the audio plays through the TV speakers for a few seconds before converting back to playing through the Amp and its connected speakers. If I can do that, is it possible to change the audio source of the TV through the Sonos app instead of doing it manually through the TV each time?

Thank you for the help

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6 replies

H. THe Amp is dwsigned to be used with passive non-Sonos speakers. If you don't have such speakers you have probably bought the wrong product. What are you trying to achieve?
Thanks. If I were to link two non-Sonos speakers to the Amp as the front L/R and connect the two Play:1s as the rear surrrounnd speakers, could I alternate the sound on the TV from surround and just the front speakers without removing the Play:1s from the room setup?
I don't have an Amp yet, but if it is like all other Sonos HT setups the surrounds can be turned off and on in room settings.
FWIW, when the Amp is launched in the UK that's the setup I am going to have. If you are willing to get those front speakers the results should be very good
One last one. If configured as a home theater with the two non-sonos speakers up front and Play:1s in the rear, could I stream music through that room while listening to the TV through the TV speakers?
Not sure why you would do that, but if you select the TVs internal speakers on the TV, and a music source on Sonos, i don't see why not

TV Autoplay would need to be disabled on the Amp.