Connect:Amp with 4 speakers 16 Ohm/120 watt

  • 5 September 2018
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Hi - Looking for some advice/guidance here pls. Our ceiling speakers are 16 ohm/120 watts. Would it be possible to connect 4 of these into one Connect: Amp?
If, as Sonos says, the CONNECT:AMP can support between 4 and 16 ohm loads, what is the problem with attaching 4 speakers (2 in each channel in parallel)? The overall impedance is still 16 ohm (8 ohm per channel)? Or am I getting rusty on my electrical basics? Thanks in advance!

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6 replies

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Your 16 Ohm speakers connected as pair, in parallel would give you 8 Ohms as seen by the Connect Amp so they should be fine.

You didn't give an efficiency rating for your speakers but the Connect Amp's 55 Watts should be able to drive them to reasonable listening levels.
Thanks for your response Stanley. Would you have any idea as to why Sonos has stated in RED in their Support page that 'To attach 4 speakers to a single CONNECT:AMP, the speaker impedance must be 8 ohms. Anything outside of that may damage the CONNECT:AMP and speakers.' . What am I missing?
Because it is extremely rare to see 16 Ohm speakers. So rare, in fact, that I would tend to think the spec sheet for your speakers are incorrectly adding the pair of 8 Ohms and getting 16 Ohms total.
Thanks. I agree - but somehow my builder has managed to get his hands on these odd ones (e-audio B410C) and put it all over my house. Anyway, I am glad I can connect each pair in parallel and connect 4 speakers to a C:A. Is it fair to say that the total load on the amp will then be 16 ohm (8 ohm on each channel?)
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I can't recall the last 16 Ohm speaker I saw, it has to have been 25 years back.

This is the quote from the Connect Amp page, and yes it should say 8 or more Ohms to be technically correct:

"This article covers the setup and requirements of attaching speakers to a CONNECT:AMP. You can wire 2 or 4 speakers to a single CONNECT:AMP. The CONNECT:AMP can support between 4 and 16 ohm loads, so if you're wiring four speakers, they must be wired in parallel and the attached speakers must be 8 ohms."

"Is it fair to say that the total load on the amp will then be 16 ohm (8 ohm on each channel?)"

Ohms don't work that way, also you don't calculate any number for both channels since they are electrically separate.

You have two 16 Ohm speakers to attach to a channel, putting them in series would give you 32 Ohms, low volume and likely poor sound quality, putting them in parallel would give you 8 Ohms, normal volume and normal sound quality.
Thanks again!