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I'm having trouble getting our stereo to play through the Connect: AMP. It's set up and connected but I don't hear it playing through our network. Trying to run a turntable through it. Do I need to connect it to the Bridge or does it automatically connect since it's now "grouped" with the other speakers? Also I don't know how to select it as a's not "Music Library" or "Line in" so what is??

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What signal are you using to connect it to your amp? Is it definitely an analogue line out/ headphone out. If so, once a signal is beong sent, as long as the connect amp is setup correctly you should be able to select Line In... Select that and it should play through the rooms you're sending it to.
I tried all - CD, DVD, Video, etc. So you're saying I should use the headphone jack on the receiver?
Turntable needs to have an audio out or if it is connected to a mixer use the mixers audio out. If old fashioned turntable, connect that to the stereo in an aux/ cd input then use the line out or headphone out from the stereo to connect to the connect amp as per my doodle attached!
You need to use line out on your Stereo to the line in on the connect:amp.
Whoops. Connect:Amp not Connect. Nevermind.
Thanks for the input. I'm not sure if the adapter isn't working or what but I thought I had it set up right. I'm only hearing it through the stereo speakers...not my Sonos speakers. See the photo. It looks like it's working in the Sono controller but nothing from the networked speakers.
When I say adapter I'm talking about the the adapter for the headphone jack. Also this is what I see while I'm looking at the app using line in. It LOOKS like it's working but no output.
One more question. Has anyone tried using the "coax" input for digital audio? I'm wondering if that's an option since I'm having trouble with the headphone jack.
Okay. I'm a moron. This is a Connect not Connect:AMP.
This is the set up. Looks like it's working on the app/controller. I've tried audio out from every available audio out port but I'm still not hearing anything from my Sonos speakers. And the headphone jack option isn't working. Is my next move getting the single prong cable for coax???
A bit hard to tell, but it looks like you have it connected to the video audio out. You want to see if there is a "pre out" the connection to the Connect is correct.

The connect does not have a digital input so a cable for "coax" is not going to help.
Am I missing something here? Did you say you are getting sound from stereo speakers? So why don't you group the Connect 'room' with your other Sonos rooms?
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Please start from the top what components do you have? Please list each one and each Sonos product and how you have it set up.
John B - not getting sound from two grouped Sonos speakers (Play 1 & 3). I am getting sound from phono out of the stereo. No configuration seems to be working. Connect is connected but not sending audio to the grouped Sonos speakers. CapnLes - congrats on mastering your universe. I'm not going through it again.
Belly M - there is no pre-out. I'll call Sonos customer support Monday morning.
Thanks all!
Going from memory here as dion't have a line in but I suggest:

1. ungroup speakers
2. In the Connect Room Settings, set Autoplay Room to be the Connect Room itself
3. Tick option to "include grouped rooms" (I think there is such an option, although as I say, going from memory)
4. Starting from Connect room, group the rooms
5. Play the line-in source.