Connect:AMP - sub out plus Sub?

  • 7 June 2017
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I have a Connect:Amp and am currently using the sub output on it to connect to an existing sub. I am now thinking i would like to add a Sonos Sub, and I would like to know if the sub out would continue to work if I pair it with the Sonos Sub. Has anyone done this?

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4 replies

I doubt anyone would have done so; using the Sonos Sub with my Connect Amp, I never saw the need for another.

Why do you think you will not be adequately served by the Sonos Sub - assuming of course that you aren't by the existing sub. And are you sure that using two Subs in the space will be beneficial - with Subs, two is often not as good as one.
The two subwoofers would have no phase coherence, would have unmatched crossover points, and could create all kinds of unpleasant constructive/destructive interference patterns. Avoid.
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The existing sub is an in-wall, and it's a little underpowered but it's not going anywhere so I thought it might be better to have it still functioning. If it's going to cause a degradation in sound, I'd probably just leave it unplugged. Thanks for the input.
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Just to follow up - the sub out does indeed seem to still work, but the Sonos sub on its own is perfect for the space and I'm running it by itself. It sounds way better than the 10 inch woofer plus 100W amp which was there before.