Connect: AMP , PlayBar, & TV

Hi All,

firstly, i have submitted diagnostics: 8229080.

I am trying to set this up for my father - and failing - embarrassing.

What i am trying to achieve is to have the Connect: AMP and Playbar configured so that it can either stream music or play the sound from the TV using the Audio input.

I have hardwired both, and visited the wiredsat page to combine them - which i have done, however, since doing that, the Connect AMP has disapeared from the controller (expected), but there is no sound from the connected speakers - only the playbar.

Any advice from the diagnostics is appreciated - trying it again tomorrow.



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I'm not an expert in this area, since I don't have/use a CONNECT:AMP for surround speakers, but I'm wondering if you've checked to ensure that the PLAYBAR is getting a Dolby Digital signal from the TV. Probably the easiest way to check that is while the TV is playing, go into the controller app and open up Settings>About My Sonos System, and look at what it says on the "Audio In" line. It should say Dolby Digital 5.1. If it says anything else, then your issue may be either in the TV's audio settings, or whatever device is pushing the sound to the TV (Cable box, DVD player, etc) via an HDMI cable.

And I'm assuming you've read through this FAQ:

Setting up CONNECT:AMP as surround speakers
Thanks Bruce, you have pointed me in the right direction, ans i have now made sure my Audio In is now Dolby Digital 5.1 - it wasn't before. however, i am still having no sound from the amp speakers - just the playbar - since the configuration has changed i have submitted a new diagnostics report: 8233254


Well, small steps are better than no steps, glad you're at least closer to the end. We'll wait for Sonos to look at that diagnostic, I don't have the ability to look at them myself, and wouldn't know what to look for anyway :)
Thanks again, just to add so all know, if I disconnect the amp and the PLAYBAR, I can get audio from the amp speakers. Cheers



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