connect 5's to use with turntable as speakers via old amp

  • 28 November 2021
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I think I’m overcomplicating things in my head, hopefully someone can help !

I have a turntable with no preamp, that I run through an old Sony amp that the turntable plugs into.  The separate speakers are connected via wires (not RCA) on the back.  I want to use the Sonos 5’s as the speakers instead, to hear the turntable.  I know if I connect a 3.5 as line-in on one Sonos 5 the pair will play, but where is the other end of the 3.5 from the Sonos 5 going ?  As mentioned, the current speaker connections are just wires from the speakers to the back of the amp.


9 replies

The Sonos line in is looking for a line level output from your receiver. Most people use a ‘tape out’ to attach their Sonos to a receiver. 

Note that the Sonos analog line in does have a small delay associated with it, due to both digitizing the signal, and preparing a buffer for it to be able to play across all Sonos devices in sync. So don’t expect the speakers still connected to your current amplifier to be in sync with the Sonos Five (or Sonos PLAY:5, there is no Sonos 5)

Thanks for your response !

I don't want to use the current speakers as well, only the Sonos 5’s for the turntable so no issue with the delay. The old amp has phono and aux outputs, as well as tape  - but where I’m getting confused is simply connecting the sonos 5’s as speakers.  The old speakers are just connected with bare wires at both ends, to the speaker and inputs on the back of the amp.

Don’t think of the Sonos as ‘speakers’ in that case…they’re really a separate ‘device’ that happens to have a speaker built in to it. Think of the Sonos more as another tape deck. The ‘out’ from that set of tape RCA ports on your amp goes to the line in on the Sonos Five. It may require a ‘special’ cable, but the ones with RCA at one end and 3.5mm at the other are only slightly less common than RCA to RCA. 

Thanks so much - sorry if I’m being dumb but is the problem not then that I need to select ‘tape’ on the amp which is then not going to pick up the turntable (phono) as it’s a separate button to select ? 

Thanks so much - sorry if I’m being dumb but is the problem not then that I need to select ‘tape’ on the amp which is then not going to pick up the turntable (phono) as it’s a separate button to select ? 

If you have no use for the regular speakers, eliminate the old system entirely by getting an external phono preamp.  Connect the phonograph to the preamp and the preamp to the line in on the 5.

No, you wouldn’t need to select ‘tape’ on the Amp. The output from the turntable would normally being sent out the tape ‘out’ if you have ‘phono’ selected on the front. Imagine as if you were attempting to tape a record….

But as @jgatie correctly suggests, if you’re not using anything other than the turntable, you’d likely be better off just getting an inexpensive pre-amp, and putting that in between the turntable and the Sonos, and just ditching that amp. 

And further, you’d be better off ‘ripping’ your album collection to data files, and dropping the turntable altogether…or subscribing to a streaming service. 

Many thanks Bruce &  Jgatie -

Re the album collection, I did digitise the collection for Sonos many years ago but I must say I find the sound quality from vinyl richer, warmer and with better separation !  I’ll try the tape out option first anyway, then will likely go for the pre-amp solution and remove the 30 year old amp !

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I went through similar.  Your best option as per above is to get a pre-amp for the turntable and then connect that to you Play 5, it will aslo cut down on the clutter.  Once connected you need to adjust the input setting in the Sonos app and set it to  level 9.

I have all my CDs ripped to a NAS device and usually play from that.  But I still like to listen to Vinyl occasionally, it’s a different sound which I sometimes favour.  Plus I like the whole experience of getting the Album out puting the record on the turntable and then sitting back and listening whilst reading the sleeve notes.  Also listening to a side at a time and not skipping, which becomes too much of a temptation with stored music.