Connect 3 speakers to a single connect:amp

I currently have 2 speakers of a bedroom on a connect:amp. I would like to add a single speaker of the bathroom on the same connect:amp.
Pair of speakers in bedroom: 2x Monitor Audio WT150-LCR (Nominal Impedance 8 ohms, Power Handling 100 W)
Speaker in en-suite: Monitor Audio CT165 (Nominal Impedance 6 ohms, Power Handling 65 W)

can this damage the amp?
Otherwise I would buy a 2 Way Stereo Speaker Switch Box

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The amp has self protection circuitry that will prevent damage; music play will stop if damage is threatened. Unlikely to happen with sound levels usually required in your indicated locations. So if music play never stops, the amp is doing fine.

But adding an impedance matching device will also allow you to have separate volume controls for the two spaces, and the need for this feature will mean additional amp protection as well, if the device is installed.
Thanks Kumar!


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