choosing ethernet to beam or play1

  • 24 June 2019
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Hi all:
Have tried to search words for this topic, but no luck so far.
If it's already addressed, appreciate a link.

New to Sonos.
Bought the Beam for better TV audio. Wired it to ethernet. No surround/pairing anywhere.
Play1s in rest of house. Goal was for whole home audio. So far very nice!

Had to exchange the Beam. Seems to be working fine.

As it was wired as the "head" to ethernet,

However, a secondary niggle appears. With new Beam attached, Samsung K series TV shows each Play1 as a "device" that you would attach to the TV, like a blu ray or other component.

So I have what will be an even longer list taking up the home screen space when I add a few more items i to complete our plan.

I don't know if related to software update cooinciding with exchange/re-setting of Beam affecting entire Sonos setup.

  1. If I made a nearby Play 1 to be the hardwired "head" vs. the Beam, might it eliminate the TV's desire to show on it's home screen a listing of each and every speaker in the setup?
This Play1 is not a surround sound ; just straight up whole home and the Beam for better TV listening.

  1. If I disconnect the internet/ethernet wire from the Beam and try to insert in the Play1, will I lose all my other speakers and Beam that I just spent all day yesterday working with? Or it is saved somehow? Because they all disappeared yesterday when I changed out the Beams.
  1. Do you ever plug more than one ethernet cable into one Sonos speaker? ie. one into the router/Beam and one into the router/Play1? I have two cables and two ports.

FYI, thanks to forum here, I did figure out how to get into admin side of router and check to see if have reserved /permanent IP addresses for speakers and it appears we do. WiFi analyzer shows good service/channel selection. Renamed the default/multiple generic SonosZP with specific name for each speaker/tv/smartphone etc as listed by serial numbers.

I don't quite understand it all, but enough to feel like on the correct path to keeping future problems to a minimum.

Any guidance welcome on this when time permits.

5 replies

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Check your TV setup to see if it allows hiding unwanted sources.

I don't think it matters which Sonos is wired, I see the same thing on my TV regardless of which speaker I have connected.
It's nothing to do with the manner of connection. It sounds like the TV is erroneously displaying Sonos devices as DLNA media servers. Sonos is not DLNA compliant, and advertises itself as such, but the TV is doing a poor job of discrimination. A pretty common issue.
Hi back:

For Stanley 4:

Thank you for this suggestion. I did check the Samsung Manual. None of the 105 pages, or the online searches, revealed anything definitive on how to eliminate or hide each of the speakers now listed as individual "source" "components" for the TV.

For Ratty: I am afraid I don't completely understand your reply.
But I'm guessing it means don't worry over it, which is good news.

Not terribly experienced. Electronics were a little simpler a few decades ago. Plug it in, turn the knob, adjust the foil on the tips of the rabbit ears. Watch through the "snow" and strain to listen clearly to broadcast when weather was poor.

Now internet and computer chips add alot more variables to everything. Nicer in many ways, but it's a bit overwhelming at times.

Okay, then, thanks for listening!

Assuming query no. 1 is a dead issue, does anyone have an idea as to Part 2 and 3 of question?

Can I easily unhook/hook the ethernet to the Play 1 instead of currently in the Beam without much backtracking of all the setup process?

The Play1 is a little closer to my internet outlet in the wall and just aesthetically hides the connecting ethernet wire a little more neatly. Not a necessity just wondering.

Is there any reason to have both Beam and a Play1 hardwired via ethernet to the internet connection?
As a layman, I am thinking stronger connection to internet with 2 of the multiple speakers hardwired?

Thanks to all readers for opinions.
You can just take the Ethernet cable out of the Beam and put it in the Play:1. Or connect Play:1 by Ethernet and leave the other one. Give it a few minutes to reconfigure itself.

Wiring two may give you a more stable SonosNet, although in practice there may be no difference (i.e. completely stable anyway). It has nothing to do with your connection to the internet.
Thank you John B. That should give some flexibility in arranging our new Sonos setup.
Have a good evening!