Changing WiFi router - Standard Mode

  • 5 November 2018
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Reading other topics here in the forum on changing routers and looking at the FAQ I am left asking myself, "Why not just put the old channel, SSID and password in the new router?" That seems like a less frustrating option than the FAQ's solution for a lot of folks where wiring is difficult.

New Router FAQ:

Is Sonos looking at more than just the channel, SSID and password when connecting in Standard Mode, something that keeps this from working?

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3 replies

Often people configure their 5 GHz band with the SSID and password, not realizing Sonos uses 2.4 GHz.
Is Sonos looking at more than just the channel, SSID and password when connecting in Standard Mode, something that keeps this from working?
No. Systems in WiFi mode should simply reconnect automatically when attaching to a replacement router/AP configured with the original SSID/key.
I changed router and struggled to get Sonos working again using our iPad controllers. The advice from Sonos customer care email was to use another device as a Sonos controller as the iPad software is not fully supported by Sonos. A somewhat surprising response

I followed this advice and the instructions I was referred to, including connecting one of our 3 speakers to the new router via an ethernet cable. This got us no-where as though the Sonos controller on my Smart Phone was now looking for the speaker it could not find it. Having worked through various checklists, we eventually resorted to trying our other two Play 5 speakers.

The second speaker was a short-lived attempt - the light would not come on. After some experimentation, we have concluded that there is a hardware fault with this speaker

The third speaker was recognised, so we were able to get Sonos up and running via the ethernet cable. I then decided to move the speaker back to its normal position and try the first speaker again. This was a mistake!

It is important not only to get a speaker working via the ethernet cable but also to change the wifi password on the Sonos network BEFORE removing the ethernet cable

I eventually worked this out

So, then back to the first speaker. Despite numerous attempts, we could not get the controller to detect it. At this point, my son arrived. He suggested reverting the first speaker to factory settings by removing the power cable whilst pressing the mute button. This worked!

We now have 2 of our speakers working - and the original iPad controllers are now working as well!

I now only have to find somewhere to repair the third speaker

There are times this weekend when I felt like throwing the whole system out the door

It is spectacularly difficult to set up and the instructions are inadequate

Clearly Sonos has a major problem with systems compatability. We are a reasonably intelligent, graduate-educated family but it has taken us cumulatively about 6 hours' work to sort these problems. So much for plug & play!