Changing Playbar for Arc

Just thinking ahead. I have a wireless set-up and just wanted to know when I receive the Arc how do I swap this over with the Playbar? The Playbar at the minute is set up in one room with a sub and two Play 1’s.

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I would assume it’s the same process as before, I’m sure the controller app will walk you through it.

My plan is to remove my surrounds and SUB from being bonded with the PLAYBAR, then set up the Arc, and rebond my surrounds and SUB. 

That’s the plan, but we’ll see what the controller app suggests when they update it for the Arc, and the device arrives. 

Thanks, that makes sense!

Note that the mounting plan for Arc is different. When wall mounted Arc should be four inches below the TV. Many PLAYBAR’s are mounted almost touching the TV. Mounting Arc this high will interfere with the upward firing speakers. Note that Arc will recognize its mounting bracket and switch equalization appropriately.

May I ask, does it recognize the mounting bracket, or simply the orientation? Or, is the orientation the same in the mounting bracket as it is when not mounted?

Magnets. I don’t know if Arc can detect which side is up because Arc makes no sense in any other orientation. It is important to know if Arc is close to the wall and audio processing is adjusted to take advantage of this knowledge.