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  • 3 April 2017
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Hi - My daughter who has her own SONOS account would like to use my Windows laptop to access her SONOS music. How do we switch from my account to hers ? (SONOS v7.2 build 35339010). Can't seem to find right information on how to do this so far. Regards Steve

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5 replies

Hi. When you say "to access her Sonos music" do you just mean to use the Sonos controller on her system? If so, are the two systems in different properties? Do you want to be able to use the controller for both systems at different times? Essentially there is nothing special you have to do. If a controller can only find one system then it will try to connect to it. If it finds two systems, both of which it has previous connected to, I think it asks for a button press to confirm which system you want it to connect to.
Hi John - At the moment on my laptop I am logged in as myself. She has her own Sonos account that she has used previously. How do we log out of my account and relog in using hers? Regards Steve
I don't think Sonos accounts are relevant here. What do you actually want to achieve? Using Sonos does not require being logged in to an account. I don't really understand your question
There really isn't an "account logged in", as far as I know. As John_B was saying, it's the controller you're using. Think of it as a remote control. Say your daughter and you both have the same TV. There's no reason why you couldn't go to her house and use your remote control to turn on her TV. All of the important data is on the "computer" in the speaker. If she's logged in to say, Apple Music on your system, then you'll have access to her Apple music account until you log in with another one. But that data is stored at the speaker level, not at the controller level.

She can access your Sonos system any time she's at your house, there's no "logging in" or "logging out" involved. And you can access her system when you're at her house, assuming you "pair" the app.

Make sense? Is that helpful? Do you have additional questions?
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What you could consider doing is this:-

- Decide which speakers are "Your daughters'" and which are "Everybody else". Perhaps the one(s) in here bedroom is hers. Then you could set that up as a separate system and she could add here own music and/or her own services.

- Depending on how you consume your music you could ensure you have family packages in in use for the music services you use.

Other than that if you have 1 network in your house and a number of Sonos devices linked to that for 1 system those players cannot also be part of another system