Cannot find Sonos system on my Windows 10 PC, cannot add Sonos 1 to network

  • 10 August 2019
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I've recently added three Linksys Velops to my network, they work fine with everything except Sonos. At the moment I have two issues:
  • Cannot connect my PC Sonos controller, it cannot find Sonos system (PC connects via ethernet cable, no Wifi).
  • Cannot connect my Sonos 1 speaker to the wifi system (which does show on my Sonos controller on my mobile). I can find the speaker on my mobile, but it fails to connect. I guess due to weak wifi, but I have plugged into ethernet connection as well.
I have the following:
  • Virgin (Netgear) Super Hub 2 router to Virgin cable broadband.
  • 3 x Linksys Velops.
  • 1 x Sonos booster (downstairs)
  • 2 x Sonos S5 (downstairs)
  • 1 x Sonos One (upstairs)
My mobile Sonos controller shows 2 x S5, not the Sonos One.

On my PC I am trying to 'connect to an existing system)'.

Can I assume that Sonos Boost doesn't produce enough output to connect to Sonos One upstairs? If so, a bit pointless! How best to place it to supply signal to the three speakers? Is there app that shows signal strength in each room?

Do I have to add a new Sonos system to my PC?

Thanks in advance for any help.

3 replies

Put the Velop system into bridge mode. It sounds like most of your problems stem from the extra router in the primary Velop unit breaking your network into two subnets.

As for the Boost's wireless, make sure it's on a different channel from other WiFis (use only 1, 6 or 11), and at least 1m from any WiFi point.
Thanks ratty, I've changed the Velops into bridge mode. How do I check the Boost is on a different channel to other wifi?
The SonosNet channel can be configured in Advanced Settings. You'd need to check your own WiFi for which channels it's using.