Cannot Connect to an older Bridge or a Boost

  • 10 August 2019
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I work for an IT firm that provides services for various businesses in our area. One of our car dealships had a power outage recently and they use a Sonos system for their in house music. I was able to update the controller software in the past but since the outage the controller cannot find the Sonos network. I thought that maybe the older bridge was shot so I purchased a Boost for them to replace it. I have tried every which way to Sunday to connect to the bridge and the boost and am constantly met with "No Devices Found." Via Wifi, without wifi, plugged into the network in their offices and in ours. Is there older software available that might give me some options beyond, "I can't find it"


4 replies

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You will want to take one of the existing speakers and plug that into the router that the Bridge was originally plugged into first.

That will allow you to connect back to the system, and then add the Boost. Once the Boost is added you can swap the wired speaker for the Boost.

That should fix it.
That's a tough one. These speakers are mounted in the ceiling. Thanks for the information though, it'll get me started.
Are the speakers that are mounted in the ceiling Sonos speakers, or are they powered by some sort of amplifier?

I guess what we need is more information about what Sonos devices exist, other than the failed BRIDGE, which you're trying to replace with a BOOST.

The more information you can provide, the better the results we can help you with 🙂
Don't simply unplug the bridge and replace/setup a wired Boost in its place, as in those circumstances there is quite a strong chance of resetting and wiping out the original system.

It is best to wire one of the original Sonos devices (from the existing setup) to the router to get the original system back up and running.

Then setup the Boost "away from the router" (uncabled) via the Add Boost or Bridge feature in the Sonos App settings.

Once the Boost is added to the system, then swap it for the original cabled device and return that device back to its original location. All should then connect to and work with the new Boost, all being well.