Can’t connect to wifi!

I purchased the theater system from Best Buy and spent all day Sunday trying to set up/connect the speakers. So today I called Sonos support and spent 4-5 hours trying to coonect to internet even with using an Ethernet cable and was still unsuccessful. I was told it had to be a problem with my network and to call Att. I spent another 2 hours talking with att and they said that since my other devices connect to the internet it must be that the Sonos speakers are defective. I spent a small fortune on their system and am so disappointed that no one can help me. I thought possibly I should buy a different modem/router but don’t know what to buy. Also I do have an echo so possibly thats the problem? I did forget to mention that to tech support. Please help! I don’t want to return but seem no other options.

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First off, don't return the Sonos. This can be worked out.

There have been many stories over time of issues with the AT&T modem/routers. I have one myself, for DSL. I avoided any potential for problems by connecting a relatively inexpensive router to it to serve as my wifi network hub. I believe i chose a Netgear, but almost anything out there is fine. Just be sure to turn off (or call AT&T and ask them to turn off) the wifi on the AT&T device. Then you can use the AT&T device as a modem, and the new router as your wifi generating device. Then your Sonos (and any other problem devices) should be able to connect to the internet properly.

For what it's worth, I do recommend a Boost setup, where one of the Sonos devices are hooked to the wifi router with an ethernet cable. I purchased a BOOST for this, since none of the speakers were within convenient cabling range. But this is only a recommendation, not a requirement. The Sonos devices can hang off of your wifi in the Standard mode, if you so choose.
Having a separate router with a modem/router won’t create some sort of conflict? I do have one speaker directly wired to it now.( however still crashes the internet) So I could connect to to the separate router?
No, it shouldn't create any conflict to my knowledge. As I stated, I'm using this setup myself, and haven't done anything (that I recall) other than turning off the wifi portion of AT&T's device. But the speaker wired directly to the AT&T unit crashing their internet is indeed what everyone has reported. Unplug that speaker from the AT&T box.

As far as the AT&T box is concerned, it will act just like a modem, and provide an internet connection to the new router. The new router then handles everything else in your home.
I bought a high end Netgear router today and tomorrow will attempt to set up following your advice.
I will let you know what happens. Thanks so much for your help.


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