Can't configure Samsung remote to work with new Ray

  • 9 June 2022
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Just got my Ray, and hooked it up to a fairly modern Samsung TV via optical connection (

Model Number : UN50J6200AFXZA

). However, I cannot configure the Samsung RF remote to use the volume buttons to control the Ray. I followed the guidance via the mobile app to add the Ray as a Home Theater device etc.

The guidance says to “go back to the Universal Remote setup menu and select one of the other input devices you’ve added, like a cable box or Blu-ray player. Select the other input devices and choose Use with Home Theater. Do this for all of your active inputs.”

Are there any Samsung owners out here with the same issue

8 replies

correction: model # is UN55RU8000FXZA

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Would this be of any help?

Thanks 106rallye, that is the very article I followed.

Update: so it seems, the remote sort of works. However, I literally need to be right next to the Ray to actually adjust it’s volume with my Samsung remote.

If I move more than about 3 feet away, the remote does nothing. So, if I am sitting on the sofa about 8 feet away, I cannot adjust the volume. I have to get up and stand directly in front of the Ray/TV, and voila, I can adjust the volume using the remote.

Now my question is how to I get this thing to work in a normal usable manner?

I am having the exact same problem. I have the Samsung Frame TV and can’t get the Sonos Ray to detect the remote no matter what. Not even standing next to it. Would LOVE a solution here if one exists. 

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Could this be a “line of sight” issue? As I understand it Samsung TV’s or the Connect box will emit the ir signals when the remote is configured for ir. At least that’s how my Connect box (2019 Samsung QLED) commands my TV provider’s settop box that is in the same space in the cabinet the TV is resting on. 

If the line of sight between the TV/Connect box and the soundbar is inhibited, the signal won’t reach the soundbar. When you are standing close to the soundbar, the ir signal could reflect off your body and so reach the soundbar.

FWIW, I have made progress. What I have done is put the Ray on top of a couple of Jenga blocks. I think this little bit of elevation allows the remote to “see” the sensor at the bottom of the Ray. Now I am able to adjust the volume from any point in the room using my Samsung remote.

I have a theory on a potential solve with 2 caveats… A) I am NOT a professional, B) I have no incentive (financial or otherwise) from this post. 

Ray only supports Optical Out for audio, so while your TV may be HDMI ARC compatible, Ray is not… this I believe might be the issue to solve for. 

ARC (Audio Return Channel) or the more advanced eARC allows for 2-way audio flow between TV & soundbar and furthermore unified volume control.

The solve may be an additional accessory called an “HDMI ARC Audio Extractor with Digital HDMI Optical SPDIF” which can be found on Amazon here-


Haven’t tried yet as this is a working theory, but am ordering today so fingers crossed!

I’d be interested in your report, once you’ve tried it. Looking at the picture, it’s hard to tell how effective it will work, especially given that ARC normally handles higher spec signals than SP/DIF does . It also doesn’t seem to be a passthrough device, as there’s no HDMI output for video, like there is on the competing products. Of course, it’s also much cheaper…

I’m particularly interested if this device feeds back to the TV set what formats it can handle via that ARC port. 

Most TVs (currently) that have ARC also have an optical port, so often this type of device is unnecessary. That may change in the future. (or now...I’ve not been perusing TVs recently)