Can/should the new Boost be used to extend the Sonos mesh network?

I know that with the Sonos bridge... several could be used to increase the mesh network signal. I was wondering if the new, more powerful Boost will also act in the same way if you own 2 or more Boost. Also, can the Sonos Bridge be used with the Boost to extend the mesh network.

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They have not released what the boost does or does not do different from the bridge.

Guessing here it may be like the old bridge but upgraded to SonosNet 2 (Wireless N where the old bridge was SonosNet 1 Wireless G).  I'm also thinking it may have dual wireless cards where it can act as a bridge then wirelessly between your existing router and SonosNet.  Guessing here but that would make sense in that people using the new wireless only connection now get none of the SonosNet benefits of mesh network.  If the new boost bridges home wireless with SonosNet that would then allow wireless only to enjoy benefits of SonosNet.

Disclaimer:  I have no knowledge from Sonos just guessing at this from what seems to be missing piece of puzzle.


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