Can I use a single wireless sub alternatively with either an Amp or an Arc soundbar?

  • 20 February 2021
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I have all the equipment on the way so wondering if I can set it up this way when I get it tomorrow. So it will all be new (gen 2) Sonos gear.

I’m replacing some existing audio equipment and keeping existing speakers and beefing up my Xbox entertainment system, so I’ll have 2 different systems in the living room.  But I’d like to be able to share the wireless sub depending on which one is being used.

I’ll have the Arc soundbar, 2 SLs and wireless Sub connected to an Xbox Series X.

Then I'll have an Amp connected to a set of existing Dahlquist floor speakers.  

I’ll only ever be running either the Amp for music or Xbox for games/video, so not at the same time. 

I’m familar with setting up groups as I have one Port already connected to a multichannel amp running speakers in other rooms.   I’ll setup that Port and the Amp in one group for music.  And I’ll setup another group for the Arc/SLs/Amp for the Xbox.  

Question is can I overlap and include the amp in both groups so it gets used if either group is playing?


2 replies

Is the wireless Sub a Sonos Sub?

Sonos Subs can be associated with a single Sonos ‘room’ at a time, and can’t be shared. It’s not all that hard to swap it between rooms, just a whole bunch of keystrokes in the controller to swap rooms, but you do lose any TruePlay tuning you may have done when you do so, 

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Ah, ok.  Too bad it couldn’t just detect where the input is coming from if only one system is playing and just auto switch. 

I’m going to have to just leave it with the game system.  Defeats the purpose of the home automation system I’m setting up right now.

I have it setup with a Hubitat hub and Alexa commands to put the living room in either a movie/tv mode where it mutes the Port and starts the xbox (and will unmute/start the Arc/sub/sls when I get them).

And when I put it in a music mode it turns off the xbox and unmutes the Port.

So any ability to share a sub between groups would have to be automated.