Bridge Forces Router to Drop out!

I have just changed broadband provider from BT to EE, the new router sets up ok until ... I connect the Sonos Bridge which then makes the router drop out! Any suggestions?

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See if this link helps, it mentions what you need to do when you change your router...

Replaced your router or changed WiFi settings?
Hi Ken, thanks - as soon as I connect the bridge to the router it drops the router out so can't follow the process through any further. Connected it up last night and left it through the night thinking it might sort itself out but ... no, router still not connect in the morning. It's only the sonos bridge that seems to be affecting it, leave the bridge disconnected ... router fine!
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So can’t you use your router then from say either a tablet, mobile or PC to browse the internet when the bridge is plugged into one of its ethernet ports, is that what you are saying ?


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