Boost with luma or direct to router?

Hello, I have sonos in 6 rooms in my house and the performance has always been squirrelly so I'm trying a boost.

I use the luma wifi mesh product & my sonos players are currently connected through the luma network.

My question is, is it preferable to connect my boost through the luma or reset my sonos configuration to run through my base router then connect the boost directly to my router. Or does it even matter? 🙂 thanks for any advice.

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Hello davepgh, it depends on how the Luma system passes Sonos traffic. You may need to test this with a single wired Sonos product if you don't already have the BOOST. If a single product wired to the main router still allows you to connect to Sonos when your controller is connected to the Luma system, this is what we would suggest.
Thanks for the reply Mike. I got the boost, hooked it up and everything started automagically running well. So I'm not inclined to touch anything further with network settings. My limited understanding is that now the controllers all run on a dedicated network. Hey, it's not dropping music and is able to connect consistently through the app. So I'm happy.


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