Boost and wifi range extender

  • 19 March 2017
  • 2 replies

I have a few intertwined questions regarding the BOOST. The wifi in my place is horrible and will not reach the room where I have all of my Sonos components. In order for the wifi to reach this room I have a Netgear wifi extender which combats the issues with the weak wifi. I recently purchased a Boost in order to ease the wifi traffic throughout my the questions that I have are #1) Should the Boost be connected to the wifi router or the extender and/or does it make a difference? #2) The Boost causes a wifi network to show up on my available network search labeled (Sonos_12335, etc.) along with my original wifi network and the range extender network...Which one should I be connected to? Thank you!

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2 replies

Since my wireless extender connects via a coax cable on my Verizon FiOS Network, and is cloned to the router, can I connect the Boost directly to the extender as the router is very far from the Sonos system?
Hi Chris, welcome to the Community. I would recommend connecting your new BOOST directly to your router, rather than the extender. This will give your Sonos wireless a more reliable connection to your network. Also, depending on how far your BOOST is from the room with your Sonos components, you may also want to place another Sonos device (either another BOOST or one of your Sonos players) about half way between them. This article will give you a better idea of why that would be beneficial.

As for the new WiFi network you’re seeing, am I correct in guessing that you’re using an Android device as your controller? If this is the case, either your regular WiFi network or the Sonos network will work fine. For non-Android devices, you’ll want to connect to your regular WiFi network. Just keep in mind that extenders are known to sometimes cause latency issues, so I would avoid connecting to the extender when you’re using your Sonos app wherever possible.

Again, welcome to the Sonos Community, we’re excited to have you! Let me know if there’s anything else we can answer for you...we’re happy to help.