Best Surround Setup Settings

  • 8 September 2021
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I’ve recently setup an Arc, Sub & 2 ones in our home theatre room and was wondering what people experienced as the best sounding settings? Would be interested to see what most people are running through the Sonos settings.

1 reply

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There really is not a “best” setting since every user has different audio preferences and there are too many variables that can affect how the speakers will sound (room size and shape, speaker position, source material, etc.). But I recommend doing Trueplay tuning and making sure the audio settings on your TV and media devices are set to the optimum settings to get the best audio possible from the Arc.


Personally, I have multiple EQ settings that I use depending on whether I am watching TV, watching a movie, or listening to music:

TV - Bass +2, Treble -2, Night Sound: On

Movies - Bass +6, Treble +4

Music - Bass +5, Treble +3


The following settings mostly remain the same regardless of what I am watching or listening to:

Surround Audio - TV Level -2, Music Level -1, Music Playback: Full

Height Audio Level +6

Sub Audio Level 0

Loudness: On

Speech Enhancement: Off


My living room is about 20 x 14 ft with 8 ft flat ceilings. The Arc is 2 ft from the floor (6 ft from the ceiling) on a media console. My Atmos “sweet spot” (where I can hear the height channels the best) is sitting 5-7 ft away from the Arc.

If you want the best possible audio experience from the Arc, get a TV with HDMI eARC (or get the HDFury Arcana eARC adapter) and watch movies and listen to music on Blu-ray discs. This will allow you to enjoy lossless multichannel audio via Dolby TrueHD/Dolby Atmos or LPCM.