Best position for Play:1s in kitchen/diner

  • 22 February 2021
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I know this has been asked many times but hoping someone can help me find the optimum position for my new Sonos play 1’s. Attached images of kitchen layout. I’ve placed them on top of the cupboards for now to see the effect but not sure it’s the best position. They’re working as a stereo pair. I have some wall mounts being delivered today so they will be wall mounted even if mounted on that side of the room. I have a set of bi-folds at the rear so it would be nice to have a bit of background music when entertaining during the summer months. Fairly flexible with where I can get power to on all 4 sides of the room so this won’t restrict me. The room isn’t ‘large’ and the two play ones feel like they’d be enough but maybe I need to think about a play 3 to add some balance? Plan later this year will be to add an arc and play 1’s to the lounge too. I’ll probably run all speakers as a group then if we’re having a party etc. 
Any feedback would be most welcomed. Jack


4 replies

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I think the current positions of the Play:1s (wall mounted) will be good. They will do a good job filling that room with sound.

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They are relatively portable. Move them around. When they sound good and it is a practical position for long term fixture or placement. That’s the answer. 

I actually have my play:3s sitting on top the cupboard similar to your setup.  I put some wood blocks underneath so that none of the speaker is blocked.  I actually prefer this to wall mounting as the power cords are well hidden without concern for hiding them behind walls.

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Looking at the stereo image you’d get from the pair in that room, you might want to consider just using them as dual mono speakers. Trying them both ways will let you decide what works best for you.

You might look at three or four too. That can be multiple-mono or a variety of stereo pairings, again let your ears be your guide.


In my kitchen I went with a single Play 5 in a corner above the cabinet. Minimal hassle, maximum sound, happy spouse.