Beam won't connect to Sony Bravia XBR‑55X930D

  • 14 August 2018
  • 3 replies

I've connected the Beam to my Sony Bravia XBR‑55X930D TV via the HDMI 4 port (which is the one they spec for ARC), but the Sonos app says it sees no signal.

So I tried the digital audio out from the Sony using the adapter Sonos includes in the box with Beam. Doing that the app says it wants me to turn on the "CEC" setting on the TV, and that it doesn't recognize my brand of TV.

Anybody else have this problem?

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3 replies

I had same problem with my beam and Bravia, didn’t find any solution online, so I just played around my TV settings until I came across Bravia Sync settings under external inputs in the settings menu, enabled auto device on and off, in the Bravia Sync device list found Sonos and enabled it, then Voila everything worked. Hope my experience can help someone with a Sony Bravia.
Just as a random suggestion, try unplugging your Tv for a minute, and then plug it back in. That would reset the HDMI handshakes for CEC, and *might* help, and certainly shouldn’t hurt.
I have similar model sony bravia. I think mine is the 49" version same year or model before yours. Copy that link to trouble shoot your arc. On my tv hdmi3 was arc and I installed a beam today and works great. My tv remote controls beam volume and I can turn on tv using Alexa voice command. I would suspect you have out of date firmware. I get like 2-3 updates a year for my sony tvs. Avoid using the hdmi to optical dongle defeats the purpose of HDMI arc.