Beam not connecting to Philips HDMI ARC

  • 8 September 2019
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Anyone had issues with the Beam not recognising it’s connected to HDMI ARC port on a Philips TV?

The Beam recognises it’s connected to a Philips TV.

TV recognises it has a Sonos Beam Connected to it.

Spent 2 days chatting with Sonos technical so all the usual things have been checked.

Making sure Philips Easylink is on.
Completely resetting both TV and Beam.
Having only the Beam connected to the TV.

Etc, etc.

All other devices that connect to the TV HDMI ARC have no issues, satellite box, Xbox, PS4 or NAS. Just seems to be the Sonos Beam that can’t recognise it’s connected to a HDMI ARC port.

TV is a Philips 55POS9002.

Sonos technical have used the standard answer of its an issue with the TV, which hi highly doubt it as every other device has connected without issue.

Any ideas??

Thanks Chris

3 replies

Have you tried rebooting the TV (the hub of all your HDMI-CEC system) by unplugging it from the wall for a minute, then plugging it back in? It's unclear if that is included in "completely resetting" in your note. Often people think that just turning off the TV with the remote is the same thing, and unfortunately it isn't.

I'd also try a different cable, on the off hand chance the cable you're using is HDMI 1.0 through 1.2, since they won't carry an HDMI-ARC signal.

Note that none of the devices you listed (satellite box, Xbox, PS4 or NAS) create an HDMI-ARC signal, just HDMI (except does your NAS connect with HDMI?). The HDMI-ARC signal is created by your TV, and not any of the devices sending a normal HDMI signal.

Does the Beam work during normal non-TV streaming?

Note that Sonos support might indeed be I indicated above, the HDMI-ARC signal is created by circuitry inside the TV set, and not the individual devices. If there is some sort of electrical issue in the TV, it could cause failure in just the "reflection" of the audio signal, when all other normal HDMI connections are working.
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Hi Chrislaurensen

@Airgetlam must be physic ☺. I'm trying to understand what you mean by "Beam not connecting to Philips HDMI-ARC" because in your post you say

"The Beam recognizes it’s connected to a Philips TV"

Please help a physic in training (me) to understand exactly what your problem is? No volume, not recognizing voice commands or something else?

I have the same problem the tv recognises the beam but doesn’t automatically choose it for audio. I have to go to settings in the tv choose audio out, change it to headphones then back to hdmi sound system. It then plays fine. Also sometimes there is a very loud digital squeal when changing channel. Anyone have this happen?