Beam HDMI with Ethernet

  • 27 November 2021
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Hi all. So I want a wired network connection to my Beam. Rather then routing a separate ethernet cable, will a HDMI with ethernet cable from the Samsung TV’s eArc connection provide a wired connection to the Beam? TV has a wired connection via ethernet.


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4 replies

hi @Grifter71 in my humble opinion, the HDMI cable between the Beam and your Samsung TV will only transport video and audio signals - the Beam will need the wifi and/or ethernet connection to communicate with the other Sonos devices and the Internet


No opinion required. Beam can't get a network connection over HDMI.

Either wire it via Ethernet, or connect it wirelessly using SonosNet or WiFi. 

thanks fpr the replies. i ask becuase the TV is new and the beam (wired with ethernet via switch) is showing up with a local ip address on the device list on the tv. My old tv also samsung showed it as sonos beam

If the IP is not resolved to a name it's just a quirk of the TV.