Beam & digital audio out & 8 year old Panasonic tv - looking for advice please

Hi, can you advise on the following please?

I'm interested in the Beam. I've a Panasonic Viera (TX-L37G10B, purchased in 2010) which has 3 ’HDMI’ ports (which are all currently used) and a ’Digital Audio Out’ port (currently unused).

My question is - would my tv be compatible with the Beam or would I need to purchase an additional piece of kit to make them compatible?

Thanks in advance.

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Is the “digital audio out” port an optical port? I’ve seen some TVs that came with non standard ports, or electrical outputs that were shipped with adaptor cables, too.

In order to use the Beam’s HDMI feature, your TV would need to have one of the HDMI ports be ARC (or CEC) enabled. Otherwise, you could use the standard (TOSLink) connection.
Thanks for the reply. No, the ‘digital audio port’ isn’t an optical port. Also, the HDMI ports aren’t ARC or CEC enabled.

I’m not technically minded - would I need to purchase an adapter, etc?

Thank you!
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The Panasonic Digital Audio Out is a OPTICAL Port aka Toslink.
Sonos Beam comes with the adapter you need.

My setup:
Panasonic Viera TX-P50U20E ('11)
>>>>VIERA link On >>> on via link ON >>> out via link ON
Philips SRU 7060/10 Remoe Controller
Sonos Beam
2x Sonos One
Marmitek Invisible Control 6 XTRA Remote Extender
Marmitek Connect 621 UHD 2.0 HDMI switch
>Telenet digicorder
>Apple TV3
> Sony PS3
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example Panasonic Digital Audio Out
Thanks for the reply & good to know I can plug straight in to the tv without the need for any additional adapters, etc.
Watching this discussion. I have a similar older Panasonic problem. I plugged the digital audio out in using the beam kit, but that did not solve the issue. Beyond pugging it in, what other setup steps?
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Make sure that VIERA link is set to > ON
on via link > ON
out via link > ON

These are the settings that worked for me. 😉
You'd also want to double check that everything that is feeding the TV is set up to be sending a dolby digital signal, and that the TV is passing that out. If you're sending anything else through the TV, the Sonos won't know how to interpret it.

I'm assuming when you say "the digital audio out" you mean the optical out. The Beam has the ability to "handshake" over HDMI ARC, but not across the optical port, since optical is a one way only stream.
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I'm assuming when you say "the digital audio out" you mean the optical out.

That's how Panasonic calls the optical out. 😉
confirming, cos I got the Beam working on my old Panasonic Viera Plasma TV, but I still have to workout how to disable the speakers and use the tv remote for controlling the volume coming from the Beam.
My remote controls the volume of home theaters only if viera link finds a home theater as an option, i.e. if I plug my beam to HDMI (but since it's not ARC, I have no audio coming from the beam). Home theater doesn't display as a Viera link option when connected to Digital Output (using the sonos connector). So I seem to be stuck.. Has anyone solved this one?
Note: I also have a Chromecast on one of the HDMI port.