beam 2 for surround

  • 25 November 2021
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Looking to set up surround with the following combination is this possible 

Beam gen 2 up front

Port for the rear speakers connected to a set of B&O  6000 speakers on line out 

On the app i can only find an option to connect sonos speaker as rear 


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3 replies

You cannot do this I’m afraid.  The Port cannot be used in any way in Sonos HT setups.  

ok thanks not what i wanted to hear 😕

No I can understand that.  There are technical reasons for it though - fundamentally the fact that Sonos needs more control over the audio than it has when an external amp and speakers are used.  The surround speakers are ‘bonded’ to the main HT device and act as ‘slaves’ to that device.  It just isn’t possible with a Port.  

Two One SLs do a great job as surrounds, and you can keep the Port and powered speakers dedicated to music.  I think that would give you a better result all round, albeit that would involve and unwelcome expense.