Audio Cut Outs

  • 31 May 2018
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cutting out, rubbish. Totally rubbish. Good with stereo but bugger all else. It's rubbish so go else where. REALLY.

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3 replies

had this for 5 years now so i know. Created cases etc but all rubbish. However, they do reply quickly.
However, nothing works.
Just spent £170 on new wifi mesh (bt) but still as crap.
I thought it might be an asus router problem. Nah. It's crap either way.
Stereo is fine. It really is but as a home system, save your money and look somewhere else.
ive a playbar, sub, 2 play ones as surrounds, 2 play 3's and a play 1 in the bathroom. a play 5 in the conservatory.
Its crap. I give up. Ive tried everything. Save your money.
You haven't yet:

1) Told us what Sonos devices you own.
2) Told us what the problem is.

So, are you here for help, or just to repeat the word "rubbish" over and over?

If the former, I suggest you give a little more information, and then submit a diagnostic from your controller and post the reference number here.

If the latter, may I suggest a more on-topic site, such as this:
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so your saying the post is currently "rubbish" without him giving any info to go by so someone can help fix his system.

seems everytime he comes here to post its just to say Sonos doesn't work or this that doesn't work. Never actually asks for help or goes through process of figuring out what causing his personal problem.