App Settings - Speaker Connection (Disable or Enable Wifi)

  • 13 October 2019
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I was digging into the Setting on my SONOS App, and I found that all my speakers used in my 5.1 setting have the Wifi Enable!!! Am using a bridge (The only device wired to my router) and Sub+Playbar + 2 Play:1 for my Surround setup connected to the TV.

So is this normal? I was under the impression that my 5.1 system was using the SONOS Network to communicate and that this was the requirement if using 5.1 setup and not using my Wifi.

Looking my others SONOS One speakers, and they have the same!

Maybe I'm confused and this is the SONOS Wifi network!!! Anyway, can someone clarify this for me?

Should I change something?


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6 replies

Do not change anything. That option is poorly labeled. It really means “use the antennas” versus “use the Ethernet cable connection only”.SonosNet, through your bridge, uses the WiFi antennas.
Change nothing. This is the worst labelled setting in the entire history of app design. It has nothing to do with WiFi. If you to disabled you will turn off the wireless radio on the device. If it didables anything it disables SonosNet, not WiFi.
Bruce just beat me to it and as always was more measured in his comments than I!
I have to agree. I'll be blunt. "Disable WiFi" is absolutely nonsensical. It warrants an award for how to mislead the user.
  1. It can only work on a wired device.
  2. It only relates to disabling the radio connection in a SonosNet ('wired') scenario, not when the system connects to WiFi.
Well this confirm my suspicious about this labeling! They should improve this in the next app update!
Thanks you all!
Laugh. You’re welcome. It’s obvious we all feel similarly about this 😉