Any performance difference if sonos connected with cat5 (100Mbps) vs cat6 1 gigabit?

  • 8 January 2019
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My router is in the basement. I have an existing cat5 wire to an upper level office of my bi-level house. Not easy to run a new cat6 there. I prefer to use this location because the other speaker I have I will want to move from room to room on occasion. Also this would give my upper level better sonosnet wifi. Currently I have no problem connecting to wifi upstairs. Will this setup be okay or will there be significant benefits to connect my other sonos one to the router with cat6?

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2 replies

Nothing significant. The amount of bandwidth used by music is relatively small, and wouldn't flood either cat 5 or cat 6. And frankly, since Sonos is designed to work on a wifi signal (the ethernet is secondary), it's likely not even necessary to wire them at all. If I were you, I'd add a BOOST to my system, keep it wired to the router in the basement, and let it generate it's own SonosNet signal. Just make sure that your local wifi signal and the SonosNet signals are on two different channels.
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Considering the 100 MHz Ethernet ports Cat 5 is plenty. Likely you won't find much Cat 5 for new installs but Cat 5e which is a bit different.

CAT5 is now largely archaic and isn’t widely used for Ethernet connections. It’s rated for a maximum frequency of 100 MHz and top speeds of 100 Mbps. CAT5 can be used effectively at lengths of up to 100 meters.