Android and Trueplay

I recently talked to a technician about a problem he helped me with. Thanks

He told me that I could tune my speakers to the room using Trueplay, but upon discovering I had an Android phone said I could not use this feature because I do not have an iPhone. Please don't lock Android users out of useful features and add this feature to the Android app ASAP.

He also told me that Trueplay was not available on the Playbase. I have a Playbase and two Playbars. I hope you will also add this feature to the Playbase.


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Trueplay is available on PLAYBASE.

As for Android support, if this board had a half decent search facility you'd find countless threads on the subject. The answer is always the same: there's such variability of microphone characteristics that it's well nigh impossible to support Trueplay on Android. Sonos even found that several ostensibly identical units of a top-of-the-range Android phone in fact contained different microphones, owing to multiple sources of supply. By contrast Apple's microphones conform to a tight spec.

Maybe Sonos will eventually devise a way of bench-marking the microphone performance in a user's Android device, so that this could then be used as the datum for Trueplay tuning. They're certainly aware of the request.

In the meantime you could always borrow a friend's iDevice to carry out the tuning. Or lay your hands on a suitable iPod Touch off eBay.
The lack of Trueplay on Android has nothing to do with "locking you out". The fact is, microphones on Android phones, even within the same models, vary to the point where it is impossible to calibrate all of them for Trueplay. Apple sources just a few microphones for their products, so Sonos is able to calibrate for them. Android has hundreds, so it is logistically impossible to calibrate for each one. Even calibrating for the most popular Samsung/Motorola/etc. models is difficult, because the microphone used can vary throughout the same model line.
The nice thing is that running Trueplay only takes minutes, and then can be switched on or off using any controller. If you can find a friend with an iOS device and offer them a beverage while you use their device, it's literally about a 5 minute thing. Not convenient if you move your speakers around regularly, but if you're like me, and once they're set, they're not moving, it's entirely feasible.

You do need to convince them not only to lend you their device, but also to install the app, but it's not that big a stretch :)

And as ratty and jgatie have indicated, we all think that Sonos is (painfully) aware of the request for a non-iOS way to do this effort. It's just not a trivial task.
if this board had a half decent search facility you'd find countless threads on the subject.
Google search turns up lots of threads on this board on any subject of relevance, much better than what the board does.

I agree with all the comments. I don't have an Apple device myself, but all my play units have been tuned via Trueplay using an iPhone borrowed over a year ago. A little inconvenient, but it has an upside in preventing unnecessary tinkering with it thereafter for people with OCD!
I resemble that comment!
I was unaware that Trueplay was dependent on the microphone in the phone, And I can understand why Sonos cannot support the microphone used in the many cell phones, especially with the variability you mention.

Sonos could you market an inexpensive device that we Android owners could use to tune our speakers?

In the meantime I will find a idevice owning friend.

Thanks for the replies. I did not know the search function here was so bad. In the future I will use Google.
The search function has been an ongoing issue since they moved to this inSided board software. I'm sure the folks at Sonos are a constant irritant to the folks at inSided with complaints, but it just doesn't seem as though they're motivated to fix it.
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Using Google to find stuff here is a bit easier if you use the advanced search options or add a site restriction to your search string.

As an example for Trueplay topics use this in the search tool or bar:

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When I purchased my sonos, I had an iphone and tuned my speakers, but now have an android phone,,, Sonos has been quoted many times saying they are working to support android... if that isn't going to work, although other self tuning speakers have managed to work with different phones... As another user suggested, years ago, sonos could have built a simple device with a microphone just for tuning sonos speakers from the entire line. I have not bought another sonos speaker since changing over to android... and now that Google has a larger self tuning speaker, I'm thinking of moving on toward these google speakers and sell off my sonos speakers,
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It is more of a problem with Android manufacturer fragmentation than Sonos unwilling to support Android TruePlay. I can attest to a better sounding audio with TruePlay though. It is worth convincing a friend with an iOS device to download the Sonos app and do TruePlay.