Amplifier to power outdoor speakers paired with Sonos Connect

I currently own a Sonos Connect, that I run through a receiver. I am moving and would like to power two outdoor speakers. Given that I will not have another use for the the Sonos Connect, I am curious whether there are any good options for an amplifier to power the outdoor speakers and pair with the Sonos Connect. I want something that I do not have to manually turn on/off and that is reasonably priced (under $400). Otherwise, I can just buy a Connect AMP.

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I'd look on Craigslist for an inexpensive amp. You're not going to need much, if you're leaving it on all the time. Just need to be able to wire the Connect to it, as well as the speakers.
You might want to go to Amazon and look at the OSD Audio AMP120. It is 75 watts per channel, turns on and off automatically when audio is present or not, and it is within your price bracket.


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