AMP + Playbar + Ceiling Speakers

  • 11 October 2019
  • 6 replies

I used to run just a playbar via optical. Everything was good. Then I bought a new tv, AMP and a pair of Sonance Ceiling Speakers.

I got it set up meaning I see everything in my sonos app. The truplay config played sounds from all speakers together successfully.

Now I'm stuck. I have the AMP connected to my TV via ARC and nothing. Silence from all speakers.
If I connect the playbar to TV via optical I get sound on the playbar only.

I have yet to be able to get the TV audio to run through the AMP. What am I missing?

6 replies

I would be checking to ensure that the HDMI cable between the Amp and the TV is plugged into an HDMI-ARC port. And that HDMI-CEC in whatever guise your TV calls it is turned on
Oh, after all that, I'd be tempted to power cycle the TV (not using the remote, actually unplugging it from the wall for a minute) in order to force a reboot of the HDMI-CEC system.

What's the point of the PLAYBAR now that you've got the Amp?

I guess I should have asked. Are the speakers working when you stream music, and just not when you're playing the TV?
I can cycle through the audio outputs in the TV menu and it hops from tv speakers to optical and I hear PLAYBAR audio on optical but arc nada.

i have the PLAYBAR for front audio.. ceiling are behind the couch left and right.

anyways I tested with music and it works!

Ill cycle tv power and report back.

in theory though I should really need to do is plug in the arc and boom it should work right? (Like optical)

is is there another way to connect the TV to the amp?
Ah, hold on.

Now I understand. Sorry, a bit "thick" as I'm watching US football, and rooting for both teams to lose :)

Remove the HDMI cable between the TV and the Amp. The Amp should be bonded via wifi to the PLAYBAR. That's how it will be getting the signal.

You would only use the HDMI-ARC if you were using the Amp to drive the front speakers, not the surrounds.

Make sure that the optical is indeed turned on, that will feed the signal to the PLAYBAR, which then sends the signal it receives to the Amp for the surrounds, and if you have a SUB, to that.

When you're playing something on the TV, it needs to be in Dolby Digital. You can check to see what the PLAYBAR is getting across the optical connection by opening the controller, clicking on System, and then About my System (you may need to scroll to find this, it's towards the bottom), then look at the line under the PLAYBAR that says Audio In: XXXXX

If that XXXX isn't Dolby Digital 5.1, then you probably need to look at the audio settings for the TV, and any device that's feeding it.
Thank you so much. I unplugged the HDMI and boom it's working!
Outstanding. Congrats, and enjoy 🙂