Alphabetical Sorting of Songs in Sonos Playlists

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Sonos does not currently have, as a regular operating feature, the ability to sort songs in a Playlist alphabetically and then return to the original sort order. In my opinion, this would be extremely valuable for the following reason: if one likes a particular type of music, e.g., 50's Doo Wop, and creates a playlist with multiple albums that are collections of Doo Wop songs, there is a problem - numerous duplication of songs. If one could sort the collected songs alphabetically, it would be a simple matter to go through and weed out all the duplicate songs. The same problem of duplication exists if one is creating a Playlist for a particular artist which includes both studio albums (which are ordinarily not duplicative) and collections for that artist drawn from various studio albums or live performance albums. With alphabetical sorting one could easily eliminate the duplication of songs.

I have contacted Sonos requesting that this feature be made available. If you agree that this would be worthwhile, please contact Sonos' Technical Support department and let them know that you would also support having such a feature available as a regular part of the Sonos operating system.

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Hello Giorgio48,

Welcome to the Sonos Community. Feature requests are an important part of the development process at Sonos, and we welcome our user's ideas. Another option to support Giorgio48's feature request would be for community members to reply directly back to this post letting us know this feature would improve their Sonos experience.
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It is hard to believe a sorting feature for playlists would NOT be at the top of the priority list for Sonos. At the very least a csv export for playlists so users could sort in excel and find out how many duplicates they have.
Intersting perspective. I assume you've never worked in a situation where marketing drives product development.
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i find it interesting that this has been asked multiple times from support, including one by myself, yet i can find no other mentions of it. i have playlists that have been added to the queue and then saved again accidently. trying to find the duplicates is nearly impossible with out a sort by title feature. i love my sonos, but have been disappointed that something so simple continues to be ignored by development
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found the thread.. here's the link. i wouldn't count on it anytime soon. (4 YEARS OLD)
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I have to agree with those who would find queue sorting useful. This is particularly true when editing larger playlists.
Also looking for that feature. Being able to swap from sorting the list by song or band would add value to an already amazing interface.
I find Spotify to be the best in sorting and recommending similar musical tastes. If Sonos could give me this, maybe not recommendation, it would simplify my musical selection for the variety of guests I entertain at my residence. I would also like to see an outdoor speaker.
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It is hard to believe a sorting feature for playlists would NOT be at the top of the priority list for Sonos. At the very least a csv export for playlists so users could sort in excel and find out how many duplicates they have.

Exactly. This needs to happen.
Playlist sorting would be a valuable feature, especially to eliminate duplicates
Sorting within any of the listings should be a default option.
I agree that it is useful for removing duplicates from playlists.
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YES! Basic sort options on playlists. Songs, albums, artists. Alphabetical. PLEASE!
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Basic sorting options please.
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+1 for Sorting
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I don't know about sorting - but searching within a playlist would be nice.
Why is this not a default option, please add the ability to sort playlist's
seems pretty simple to be able to sort our play list alphabetically. why does sonos not see this????? especially after so many have asked for it and that it makes the most common sense??? helps us sort out dup's, find songs we want or don't want. ODD!
I’m so disappointed that Sonos has ignored this feature for years. I’m about to give up on my Sonos. If they refuse to do even this simple thing people have been asking for for YEARS then what else can I expect from them?
Yup. Sorting please. Pretty basic.
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Yes.not bring able to sort alphabetically (or by artist) is the thing that annoys me the most. And especially egen you can to that in Spotify, but it won’t transfer over to Sonos. Can’t believe this isn’t fixed yet.
Surprised this isn't part of the app AND hasn't been added yet...

+1 for basic sorting
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Add another vote for being able to sort the queue. Like others, when I ad-hoc build a playlist from Amazon Prime, for example, I oftentimes get asked by my wife why Sonos keeps playing the same song. I look in the queue and find I accidentally imported a song several times or that multiple playlists included the same song. Being able to sort by title/artist would be a huge help to cull duplicates not to mention it would make my wife happy. 🙂
Please add sorting. This feature has been requested for 4 years. This is embarrassing. Does anyone from Sonos read these?
Really poor that there is no sorting feature in such an otherwise great app.
Such a basic feature for music management should be standard.
Another vote for me. I have a playlist imported from amazon consisting of a couple of thousand songs, compiled over a period of two years. Sometimes when i want to delete a song it takes ages to find it as Sonos sorts the songs by time added. This is so last century and I don't understand why they cannot add the option to either sort the playlist alphabetically or search within the playlist. Everything else iss great about Sonos but this....