All Sonos Under One Account

  • 11 September 2019
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We have been installing Sonos for customers for a few years now and from the start I think we have been doing this incorrectly. We have been putting all the SONOS installs under one account which just made things much easier for setups. But now in hindsite I am seeing that this was not such a good idea as we have some customers that want to do updates or add a new Sonos on there own and of course they do not have there own account to do this under. We do other installs for other products where we can assign the devices to the customer after the dealer sets everything up but I do not see any such options for Sonos.

In a list of a bunch of devices what is the best way without rolling a truck out to a customers house and resetting everything or giving our username and password to the customer to reassign his/her devices to there own account and off ours.

This was started this way because most times when we do installs customers are not home which makes it difficult to do our work when the customer is not there to provide an email or authorize the new account we are assigning them.


12 replies

You'll have to tell each customer to use the option to transfer system ownership, now located in Settings/System.

They don't need to know your email/password.


And, yes, you have been doing things incorrectly really. Without their own account a user wouldn't receive notifications from Sonos or be able to participate in test programs.
Thanks so much for the reply. Would they see this option under their own account once they establish their own account? Will the system automatically find all the local devices when the customer does this and allow them to move their local devices? Wondering how intuitive this is for the customer to do on their own.

Glad to see that this can be systematically accomplished without the need for tech support to reassign or it appears that way anyhow.

Thanks Again.
It's very straightforward. The user transfers the system (Sonos call it a 'household') in its entirety to their own account. I assume they'd be prompted to set up the account if it didn't already exist. (I've never had to do this when I've gone through this exercise.) If they subsequently logged into their Sonos account the user would see their products listed.

Nothing else changes at their end, apart from the email address and the SonosID visible in the About pane of the system settings. All the players remain configured as they are, in terms of names, pairing, Trueplay tuning, etc.

Despite all of them being under your email/account at present, each 'household' should have a unique ID. That's unless you cloned every system off your own.

Even if all the 'households' shared the same HouseholdID I'd hope that the Sonos servers would recognise that the contiguous group of players on the user's local network need to be unhooked and moved to a new HHID on the new SonosID.

Before doing a mass emailing, I suggest you test the procedure out for yourself.
Thank you. We will test it out on our own system at the shop to see how it will behave.

Thanks again and I will report back.
We will test it out on our own system at the shop to see how it will behave.
If there's any chance that you did indeed clone users' systems off your own (i.e. by adding their players to your system before installing them at the customer premises), I'd suggest you take a couple of your players to a different network before testing the procedure.
Well, it was going to work until I just did a system update and now the transfer is broken. When I first looked at it there was a Transfer System Ownership button under settings which then allowed me to enter the email address of the new account. Now with the latest update I can not longer change the email address when doing a transfer. I click the change email under the account info but it doesn't allow me to actually change it nor do I have an option under Transfer of Ownership to change the email listed there.

Something broke in the update..this was on my iPad as well as android. Can not change the account info to do a transfer.
There used to be an option to say you did not have access to the current email/password. It appears to have been removed in 10.4. Whether it's intentional, on security grounds, I don't know. I'll flag this thread for attention.
Ya it was there 5 min before until the latest update I did this morning and then I could no longer transfer to a new account. It doesn't allow to login with a different email anymore. Thanks
Ya it was there 5 min before until the latest update I did this morning and then I could no longer transfer to a new account. It doesn't allow to login with a different email anymore. Thanks
Does it work if you sign out first and then go through the transfer process afterwards. I've not tested it myself, but it seems to invite a new email address to be entered in the transfer process after a user signs out from their current account in the latest App.

Maybe worth a try, perhaps?
Signing out does indeed permit access to the change ownership screen. One's prompted for a new email "to create and manage your Sonos account".

@BigSonosUser I just shunted a test household over to a new email, without needing to enter the original.
It worked doing that. You need to relearn one set of speakers that are convenient to reach but I assume that is because of the id's not sure but all came into the transferred account after.

Thanks for all the help!
Yes I'm not sure why they now ask for buttons to be pressed on a chosen player. I guess it's to guarantee that the user has legitimate, physical, access to the system.