Airplay 2 implementation issue

  • 13 May 2019
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I recently noticed a big drawback in the Airplay 2 implementation. I have a Playbar amongst other stuff - the Playbar is hooked up to the APPLE TV4K via the TV. It has a Sub connected to it also. Perfect. Now, since the playbar does NOT have Airplay support I added a ONE and grouped it to the playbar. It's a bit of a waste because it's very distracting to hear sound out of the ONE when watching TV. Ok, so the workaround for that is that I set a volume limit for the ONE to 2%. Bit of a waste to add a $200 speaker just to get Airplay to a playbar. But ok if that worked flawlessly I'd do it. The problem is that I use SIRI for playing music. Hey Siri, play Ambient Playlist everywhere except great...Hey S, play music great. I get the different rooms to show up in Apple Music on my phone and different volume sliders.
Here is the problem: In order to get my playbar to have airplay it needs to be grouped to the "family room" ONE. The moment I play music EVERYWHERE - Airplay overrules the groupings and all speakers show up in one big group (even in the sonos app). Now all of a sudden when I change the volume of the outside speakers, the playbar volume chases it because it somehow gets grouped along with that. Big deal breaker.

Now, I could just use the Apple TV4k as output - ok the TV would turn on then - but there is a caveat with that which is ...volume is controlled by the Apple TV remote control. If I change the volume on my phone in the Airplay list of speakers its not a 0-100% range but a limited range depending on where the remote control has the volume set. Only way to make that work good would be to first crank the TV volume to 100%. Yet, another annoying step to do.

I would love to be able to group the ONE and the Playbar together as a unit where they show up as 1 room. Say - Family room = One + Playbar + Sub - and Airplay then see that as 1 Room (Family Room).

Am I missing something? Doing something wrong? - Like I mentioned in another thread. The best workaround would be to not use the playbar for music playback and instead buy 2 Play5's or ONE's in stereo BUT Sonos doesn't let you share the SUB easily so there goes that setup. Not gonna buy a second sub to be sitting in the same room (one for TV, one for music).


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