Advice on open plan living/dining room setup.

  • 11 August 2018
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I have a completely open plan living and dining room, both rooms are standard rectangles and identical in size.

Currently I have a 3.1 setup in the living room with the TV plugged into a Playbar and two Play 1's on the wall behind the sofa.

In the dining room I have a turntable plugged into two Play 5's that are currently setup as a stereo pair.

When I listen to LPs on my turntable, which is often, I prefer to sit in the living room in various locations/chairs, and although the two Play 5's sound fantastic, they sound like they are in another room, because, well, they are. I would like to achieve a more immersive sound that sounds identical no matter how people move around and inbetween the two rooms.

I can achieve this by grouping the two rooms in the app and then the sound fills both rooms nicely, but it forgets that grouping every time I turn the turntable off and on again (same with the TV). With the rooms being open plan I never have a need to play separate audio in each room, the TV is either on OR the turntable, never both at once. So my question is, can I somehow permanently link the 3.1 setup to the two Play 5's into a single room called "Downstairs" so when the TV or turntable is switched on they automatically play from every available speaker in both rooms?

Also, I would very much like to add a Sub to this setup in the future. Can that sub be used seamlessly for both the turntable and the TV without too much hassle?

Thank you!

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