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  • 29 November 2018
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Hello all, was wondering if I could get some advice. I have two play 5's in the attached areas in my kitchen and living room. They are sort of facing each other the rough pano stitch I did best illustrates what I mean. I have read pairing would be possibly a better option? Should I move them closer together and pair? Or should i leave them grouped as seperate rooms? I also have a play 1 in the master bedroom. Would it be a better option to pair the two play 5's near the dining table and use the play 1 to fill in the kitchen? Everyones thoughts and advice on layout options would be much appreciated. Thanks

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3 replies

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For where they are now I don't think pairing them which means creating a stereo pair would be very satisfactory so would keep with grouping them.

If you intended to enjoy more critical music in your dining room then moving the kitchen Play 5 to the dining room and creating a stereo pair would make sense and then you could move your Play 1 to the kitchen though it is so open whatever is playing in the dining room will certainly be easily heard in the kitchen
Thanks Stuart I paired the two 5's in the dining room and put the play 1 in the kitchen. Sounds amazing! Only issue is now I don't have a speaker in the bedroom:(
That's the way it started for me, too 🙂